The Damsel

I am 30 years of age.

I am of the female variety.

I live in East London.

My job is to make things google-able.

I grew up in a tiny place in the northwest of Germany. A bit like Yorkshire, less road rage, more Catholicism. Same amount of sheer lunacy disguised as charming eccentricity.

I am the offspring of a pair of teachers. Yes, this joke’s on me.

I am also the oldest of four. The varying degrees of crazy that run in the family mean that my reputation as “the sensible one” is still (somewhat) intact.

One day (one day!) I will tell JK Rowling how much Harry Potter means to me.

I’m obsessed with finding the perfect 7-song-playlist to describe my life, in case I am ever invited to go on Desert Island Discs.

I love horses and everything horse-related. It’s the cruellest thing in the world that despite many, many hints I am as yet to find one under the Christmas tree.

I think Muse is the best band in the entire universe.

I’m a hippie, a leftie, a feminist, a Europhile, and many other things despised by Daily Mail readers.

I think Ireland may just be the loveliest country in the world. Or maybe Sweden. Or New Zealand. The jury is still out.

I have a scar on my tongue from when I fell off a chair and bit clean through when I was 10.

I prefer tea to coffee. Yorkshire please, drop of milk, no sugar. Thank you.


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